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WWII Donations, New site platform, update 8/21/17

Post by DTZxPorter

on 1503328744

Hi all!


The WWII release is just around the corner, so just like IW/MWR, we'll start raising donations to purchase the game for Wraith. Once we reach the target (preorder) price, donations will be taken down. (Please don't post here saying the link doesn't work, if it doesn't work, we hit the target!)


(WWII Funded!)

(If you provide your modtag, you'll get the donator rank / flair on the site / discord.)


(If you are just here about WWII. feel free to click off, as the following will detail the upcoming Modme Platform smile.png)


Back when Modme was developed, we had a client (The Modme Client) which allowed users to manage mods for various call of duty (and even minecraft modpacks) with ease. The client was showing age quickly though and was retired later on that summer. I had been writing up prototypes for the next iteration of the client, but was never satisfied with the designs. Over the past few months researching games I have decided that it's too much to base a client on a single game (ex. cod), so I have decided on the following design choices for he *NEW* Modme Client.


  • First and foremost, A much more streamlined user interface (To match the new site style coming soon!)
  • A scriptable, pluggable, mod-package system to allow the client itself to support modding just about any game
    • The scriptable system will include utilities provided by the client to make modding easier.
    • The packages will install and uninstall directly via the client OR provided command-line application.
  • Streamlined mod repository, with user-submittable game entries. Got a mod package working on a new game? Submit it and have it listed instantly without updates to the client itself.
  • Integration with the most popular game clients (Not just steam this time!)


That's all for the client specific information. The site itself is currently being reworked to integrate with the client. In addition, the forum will also be receiving an update, bringing it closer to modern forums, and allowing us to easily support the upcoming *universal* game modding client. We will be supporting development of mods for any game (On PC) once this platform shift takes place.


Thanks for sticking around with us, happy modding!


DTZxPorter & Staff.

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