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The next episode in the Nova Six series


This mod requires Shangri-la and Ascension map packs to function.

Travel to the mystical Fury's Temple and open the Apocalypse Rift in the third epic chapter of the Nova Six series. Commit rituals of an ancient alien race to uncover a legendary sword.

    -Dr. LilRobot
        - Scripted all custom GSCs and CSCs [except Widow's Wine and Electric Cherry], including weapons, Gobblegum, the quest, zombie shield, etc.
        - Did custom FX for Fury's Song, EM1, EPM3, Jetgun, quest steps, and Rift Scene
        - Scripted Flowey X Boss Fight
        - Cel-3 Cauterizer Animations
        - i made dis mod
        - Flowey X assets--model, texture, animation--what DIDN'T he do with Flowey?
    -Ethan Hiley
        - Cel-3 Cauterizer concept and model.
        - Bulldog concept and model.
    -Harry Bo21
        - Coded Widow's Wine and Electric Cherry
        - Created the fx for the open portal in the Rift scene.
        - Ported Jet Gun anims & provided model.
        - Utility function to run FOV check
        - Flowey X design & concept
    -Toby Fox
        - Flowey X boss fight from Undertale!
        - "Your Best Nightmare" & "Finale" music tracks used during Flowey X fight.
    -Tom Crowley (WinCat)
        - The citrus-filled Lemon and Lime programs used to extract assets from Call of Duty: Ghosts & Advanced Warfare
        - The Wraith Archon program that allowed flawless asset extraction from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 & other CoD games.
    -Matthew (Syphon) Harris
        - Voice Talent for Cullman the robo-boy.
    -Jamie Strachan
        - Voice Talent for Kasil'Ra the Nomad.
    -GeekCommYT (Lucas)
        - Made cool, dirtied up textures of the presidents. All around a lot of help with black ops 3 assets.
        - Made all of the hud elements in the map, and the upgraded Time Trial shotgun textures.
    -Flag Carrier
        - Did all of the amazing effects for the voices! Thanks!!
        Check out @flagcarrier on twitter.
    -Chris Roberts
        - Freelancer
        - Developing unique updates to Game_Mod for Fury's Temple!
    -Sledgehammer, Treyarch, and Infinity Ward
        - Any assets taken from their respective games.
    -ID Software
        - Time Trial gun.

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Since I'm a 32 bit OS user, I can't install new type of mods. If you can send me the zone and main files for the mod, it would be very helpful.
Why not let me download the mods