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The final episode of the Nova Six series


This mod requires the Moon map pack to function.

The time has finally come--the end of life within your solar system is at stake, and the Nomads have firmly infested the world which you call home. Now, you must take your fight to the Alta Research Complex--a high-tech, futuristic facility on the Moon.


Work for the final time with Cullman as you uncover deep new mysteries about the Nomad race, collect artifacts, and reverse the Apocalypse Rift. Stop the Nomads from consuming the Sun, and defeat a dark, mysterious enemy from consuming your timeline as you know it.


This is... MINDSHARE

Scroll to the bottom for a full easter egg guide!


lilrobot - Project Lead, Scripting, Effects
Spooky Sal - Graphics Design & UI
Ray1235 - Animation
DTZxPorter - Wraith, BassDrop
SE2Dev - LinkerMod
Nukem - LinkerMod
JrrizzoYT - Render Work
FissionMetroid101 - 3D Modelling
Canadian Marshmallow - Balance and Feedback

Jamie Strachan - Voice of Kasil'Ra
Arkham - Voice of the Time Eater
Sy - Voice of Cullman, Cosmodrome PA
SEGA - Time Eater Music
Visual Music - Freelancer Music
Arikuyo - Audio Composing
Stachekip - Voice of Dr. Schroader

QA Testing:
Mr. Von
Matthew "memes!" Watson 

Assets Credit To:
Infinity Ward
Treyarch Studios
Sledgehammer Games
id Software
Crowbar Collective
Chris Roberts
Discovery Freelancer Team

Thank you to everyone who came along
on the ride! We hope you enjoyed it!

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Game keeps freezing on Mindshare loading screen. (I used the simple Installer) Any help would be great! Good day.
i keep getting exceed limit of 500 fx??? how do i solve this
Hello Excuse Me i have a Problem the problem is: maps/zombie/fx_zmb_blackhole_flare_marker. Can you get back 2 me ASAP or whenever you can plz! Thanks, John Doe.
I really really loved this, me and my buddy have been playing it non stop, the nomads are a massive pain in the ass xD, just a note, I am unsure whether this is a bug or intended, but the nomads cant seem to hit you as long as you keep moving, they're awful at aiming lol Otherwise it was amazing, well done
Couldn't find the Bsp for this map. Please Build the Fastfile associated with maps/zombie_moon.d3dbsp and try again. ??? Help pls
dr. squidbotSUBMITTER
@Astraxis well that's odd, it must've stopped working after a game_mod update...i'll have to talk with the developers of game_mod and see what we can do.
my penis is hard after this ee
Love the update! Is there any way to make the Time Eater rewards permanent, rather than doing the whole easter egg for the Eraser each time?
Hey Squidbot! What's the music that's used for the shop?
Exceed limit of 400 FX assets this error
i cant download via mega
Upload in another Site
dr. squidbotSUBMITTER
thanks for the feedback--i did buff the nomads (in v1.2) so they aren't as annoying and are actually a challenge, and the mindshare zombies can be killed by you--so if you don't want them to end the round you can just kill 'em off real quick. i'm trying to think of a better way to handle that though.
Really enjoyed the custom content, but some things are seriously flawed - the upgrade of the Mindshare wonder weapon turns zombies that won't stop ending the round so I can't get anything done; and the boss rounds aren't challenging, just monotonous and annoying, going in and out of cover to shoot stupid numbers of nomads. But the EE is really fun when it's not interrupted by those stupid things. Good work everyone on the team.
hello someone could help me with an error is that when I download the mod tells me that I am downloading the mindshare which weighs 1.14gb but only download 1.13 gb I do
dr. squidbotSUBMITTER
@Tricker go here: and post a thread. the installer *is* a ModMe product, so it counts!
@DTZxPorter sure but i dont know how to do it can you maybe add me on steam so we can talk?
@Tricker Do you mind making a forum post so I can ask a few things? I can help you out, but I'd like to solve the issue of it not locating BO1 properly as well!
Can someone give me instructions for manual install? because the installer says that i dont have a black ops 1 on steam and it dont work :(