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An amazingly detailed sanatorium


Clinic of Evil (Original idea based on a real urban exploration)

In the summer of 2015 I went in an urbex with a lot of friends. So I thought why not make a map like this based on a sanatorium.

this map doesn't required T4M

This map has many features:

   - Mob of the Dead Style environment
   - Variety of weapons (BO2, AW, Custom)
   - Gondola
   - Acid Gat
   - Brutus
   - Shield
   - EE
   - Endgame
   - And much more...


  • Treyarch (CodWaw mod tools)
  • IZaRTaX (map,level documentation,level design,game design,scripts,fx's,sound,textures,models,lights
  • RDV (elevator,gondola,character zombies,acidkit,shield,hud,Pause Menu,brutus,hintstrig,scripts)
  • ElTitoPricus (weapons,character players,character sound)
  • Andy Whelan (photoshop template) Radimax (photoshop logo)
  • Harry Bo21 (shield, electric cherry,hintstrig)
  • DidUknowiPwn (t6 hud)
  • DuaLVII (rotating doors,zmb spawn system)
  • Tom_BMX (tools)

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