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The first full-fledged Black Ops 1 map to showcase possibilities of LinkerMod


Set your feet to the solid grounds of New Paris to unfold its mysteries. Will you find your way or will you perish in the darkness?


- Fully non-Black Ops 1 weaponry, such as some World War 2, Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, Killing Floor 2 and Payday 2 weapons
- Black Ops 3 characters to play as
- New enemies, Buildables, Time Trials, Dig Sites and more
- Ten perks with one being custom
- In-depth main Easter Egg and various smaller ones lying around



  • SE2Dev
  • Nukem
  • DTZxPorter
  • Ege115
  • Harry Bo21
  • BluntStuffy
  • MAK911
  • Z0mbie1337
  • Fruckbatt
  • lilrifa
  • Scobalula
  • ZeRoY
  • ElTitoPricus
  • The Meh
  • CHN
  • treminaor
  • Gildor
  • Spy
  • Tom-BMX
  • Treyarch
  • Infinity Ward
  • Sledgehammer Games
  • Raven Software
  • Tripwire Interactive
  • Starbreeze Studios
  • Behavior Interactive


Voice Actors:

  • Syphon
  • TheWubstepBrony
  • Emlbrough


Music Provided By:

  • Dillinger Escape Plan
  • Bl00dBox
  • Michel F. April
  • RichaadEB
  • ToxicxEternity
  • Blonde Redhead


Alpha/Beta Testers:

  • Fruckbatt
  • Z0mbie1337
  • lilrifa
  • johndoe

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how to insttel the map plz
Perish update 1.1.1 released! With this no more support will be given to the map. Thank you to everyone who tried out the map <3 @FuckOffCunt No idea, you might be able to find some help in LinkerMod Discord that you can find in the LinkerMod GitHub page
Hello, when i start game_mod it pops up this error and i can't find a solution: ASSERTION d:/code/projects/c++/linkermod/components/shared/shared_utility.h(32): *opcode== 0xE8
Nevermind problem solved
Hey i get this error when i try to launch the BO_Mods.bat the error is: Failed to create ../BlackOps.exe process Any help?
is this the latest version?
Perish 1.1.0 Update is now out! Full Changelog in main post
@Abacus @fojez Want to manually place the mod? Manual. Want program to do it for you? Single. Also Single installs Game_Mod for you automatically so no need to do anything else afterwards
Yo are the tools for making customs for BO1 out? If so where do I find it?
This is the BEST!!!
Excellent work my man! You guys are the shit for Bo1 custom z's. Got me into it myself!
Hello, shall i download the "single installer" or the "manual installer" ? Shall i clear up my Black Ops folder ? I mean, get it to normal with normal patches before installing ? Thanks for the answers I run the french and original (Steam) version of Black Ops
how to i install it?
"Rest Of World", so .exe that almost everyone should have, if they don't have cracked or German version
first of all what is ROW and where can i get the english.exe
There is the fault. You still have German .exe which LinkerMod does not support at all. Only works with ROW
German patched to US uncut
i've done everything now so how do i play the map ingame ?
@Sunnies7 Okay, further question: Are you running cracked or German version of the game?
@Sunnies7 That's cos for Manual you just need to drop folder into root/mods, then download Game_Mod and drop in root, done. I will post that error to SE2Dev and Nukem