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Nuketown Remastered

A beautiful remake of a classic favorite


Nuketown: Remastered is a recreation of Nuketown from BO2 as a base, and then expands drastically of the original map including being able to access the outside map houses & gardens, being able to unlock the bunker (which is far larger than the original Nuketown itself.)

  • Hidden Text
  • An EE with an ending
  • Extended areas (Bunker entrance and the rest of the town itself)
  • FOV slider (In the game options menu)
  • Cod and BF weapons
  • Baby gun
  • Upgradeable C4
  • Claymores
  • Tactical Insertion
  • Watershoots
  • Zipline
  • WaW, BO1 perks and electric cherry from BO2
  • Buildable Shield (2 parts)
  • Buildable Rake trap (3 parts)
  • Electric water trap
  • EE song (Nightmare - By Avenged Sevenfold)

Known bugs:
  • Zombies will bug out at the centre of spawn sometimes and we have tried for months to fix it, but nothing worked.
  • There is a visual glitch in the tunnel near the first water shoot.
  • The shield / rake trap has glitched 3rd person animations.

  • Hidden Text
  • RDV
  • BluntStuffy
  • shippuden1592
  • HitmanVere
  • Lukkie1998
  • Codmoddd1234
  • Johndoe
  • Chromastone10
  • TomBMX
  • Rollonmath42
  • Smasher248
  • TheRelaxingEnd
  • CHN
  • thecaljitsu
  • Makecents
  • DuaLVII
  • Ray1235

If I forgot anyone, please PM me!

Tip for opening bunker:
The bunker door is being held shut with an electrical current. Blow up the power sources keeping that door shut!

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My favourite map. I did the whole EE on my own (EVERYTHING!!!) without any guide or yt video. Awesome map!
Can you make this for black ops 3?