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Grand Error List + Debug
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If you've spent some time modding Black Ops 3 (or working with any game really), you'll know running into to errors is bound to happen. Some are obvious. Some... not so much. Since a lot of what I see being asked in the discords is "Hey I got ____ error, how do I fix it?", I want to create a great list of all the possible kinds of errors and how to fix them.


I'm definitely not going to have all the errors on this list at the start, so I will add to this list as I go. I'm also going to need the help of others to truly make a comprehensive list, so if you have error to add with an explanation, leave a comment.




Launcher errors are typically the easiest errors to fix, as you are often give information about where the error occurred and why. You also don't have to go through the hassle of launching the game to notice that something is wrong.


Note that when it is a scripting error, launcher will often to give you the "coordinates" of where it went wrong. The first number in the ( ) is the line number, and the second number is the amount of characters to the right (not including spaces).


Syntax Error, unexpected _______



 ^1SCRIPT ERROR: No generated data for 'scripts/zm/zm_test.gsc'
ERR(0) scripts/zm/zm_test.gsc (103,6) in "main()" : syntax error, unexpected TOKEN_LEVEL : 	level 

Linker will now terminate.


Explanation: This error occurs when the computer is looking for a certain something, such as ; to end the line, and does not find it. Note that the coordinates it gives will be of the next line, rather than the line missing the ; or whatever, so be sure to look above where it says the error occurs.




These error are when the game crashes before it starts. It does not bring you back to the Bo3 Zombie Lobby menu, but rather shows a pop-up. A general tip for solving these errors is turning on Developer 2, as it can provide more information in the console.


Unresolved External "_____" with __ Parameters




Explanation: This error means you have typed in a function that does not exist or put the wrong number of parameters in the function that occurs at the line it says. Be it more or less, make sure you check how many parameters are necessary in the function.




These errors can happen before the game starts or during, but no matter what they end the game and bring you back to the lobby to show you a brief error message. These can be harder to diagnose, as they never give coordinates for where the script went wrong.


Attempt to register ClientField ________ post finalization of ClientField registration period failed




Explanation: Clientfields need to be registered pretty much as soon as the game is being loaded in. Make sure you don't have any RegisterClientField()'s that are being initialized late.


Server Disconnected - Clientfield Mismatch




Explanation: Something is not matching between .csc and .gsc files, regarding ClientFields. You can actually help diagnose where this error is coming from by setting the Dvar com_clientfieldsdebug to 1. You can do this by adding this line:

SetDvar( "com_clientfieldsdebug", "1" );


to your main() or somewhere that will be be run immediately.


then when the game crashes and sends you to the Lobby, enter the console ( shift ~ ) and you should see where the Clientfield mismatches are occuring, be it the GSC or CSC file.

credit to Ardivee for showing how to do this.


Connection Interrupted 




Explanation: Unfortunately a lot of different things can cause this error, including actual connection interruption. However if this happens repeatedly, where the computer would be reading the same code everytime this happens, it is often cause by a while(1) loop that has no wait inside it. Since there's no wait in the infinite loop, it's basically asking for infinite processing power, causing the game to freak out and crash. Check that all your while loops have a wait or waittill of some sort.