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WW2 sound extraction
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Hi everyone! 


I love getting the raw audio files from games and listening to them and breaking them down. I have used Wraith tools before in aiding to extract BO2 and BO3 soundfiles (which used .sabs and .sabl containers). Now I would like to do WWII (Particularly zombies portion) and eventually BO4. I own WWII on Xbox One and my buddy owns it on PC. He was nice enough to give me the sound file containers for WWII. The containers are in .pak format and when I try to load individual .pak into Wraith, it won't recognize them. 


Is Wraith able to extract audio for WWII at this point in time? If not, is there another way to extract them? It seems like this is .pak is a different format then used in other games (including other non-cod games)


If anyone has any advice to get these files extracted, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Actually, I was able to figure it out using a different tool. 


If anyone is curious, the tool is called COD AW FLAC Dumper

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Wraith/Greyhound (my fork) (and even Porter's original tool before he implemented it into Wraith, Ac1dRain) can export WW2 sounds via in-game with full file paths/names. That tool won't work 100% as a lot of sounds are headerless WAVs, the actual sound metadata is stored in the FFs which are not accessible atm.

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Hmm, okay cool. Yeah, I realized it just came up with generic "soundfilexxxx" file names. The only was to get full real soundfile names is to load run the game and load it? That's a shame... Maybe I'll have to buy it on PC too when it black friday comes just for that... dizzy.png