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[5/5] Clinic of Evil or Maybe Motd 2.0 ?
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Clinic of Evil

Map by IZaRTaX

Image courtesy to IZaRTaX.

Overview : 
This map is based on an original idea, and it has been done in two months. and from seeing his Wip images, I was very Hyped for this. When i played it i kinda felt like i'm playing Bo2 Motd all over again.

Features : 
  • The map features is just unbelievable. I mean like a Gondola ? did you ever saw a Gondola in CZ ? if you do then i just didn't but that's one for the books.
  • Many custom weapons. i mean come on you can't even say a thing about the weapons. coz these're Tito's Ports.
  • Mob of the Dead Style environment, i mean it really felt i'm playing Motd.
  • EE, Well it's kinda Easy to find it just look. but it's fun though.
  • AND THE MOST IMPORTANT IS : doesn't need T4M to play it.
  • Brutus is a fine Port as well. Good sounds and script.

Final look : 
This map is just stunning. if you're going for some Fun. i recommend you boot it up and start slaying. 

catch you all later

- Tim 

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I tested this map on COD WaW, it is my map favorite.

Is it possible to play it on Black ops 3 ?


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Hi   I tested this map on COD WaW, it is my map favorite. Is it possible to play it on Black ops 3 ?  

 not unless someone remakes it

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I don't think izartax will do a BO3 version, he is into other ideas

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I allows me to make for him a small publicity stunt by showing you a map that it realized on Black ops 3.
I find her magnificent x)

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Clinic of evil was one of the best maps i ever played on WAW or otherwise. So detailed, insane easter eggs, balanced boss fights, great level design, and overall just so well refined. Ive played nearly 200 maps between Bo3 and Waw and this one is easily in my top 3. 4.7/5

(please don't rip my head off i have a very complicated dorky system for getting that number and the highest any map has gotten from me is 4.8)