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[BO1] Reimagined Mod
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This mod makes slight changes to Black Ops 1 game mechanics and add some new features to make the game more enjoyable.
  • 90 default FOV with FOV slider
  • Timer on HUD
  • Zombies remaining on HUD
  • When getting to round 50, text shows up to show your official time
  • Re-hitting the box is now faster (only 1 second delay between box hits)
  • When box moves, it will instantly appear at its new location instead of waiting 8 seconds
  • Multiple people can now buy the same perk (or Bowie Knife/Sickle) at the same time
  • Carpenter removed
  • Nuke kills all zombies instantly
  • Revive trigger radius increased by 60% (same as BO2/BO3)
  • 1 second of immunity to zombies after getting revived (solo or coop)
  • Points capped at 1 million
  • Zombies max health is 1 million
  • Insta kill rounds (Rounds where zombies have round 1 health) start at round 163 and happen every odd round thereafter
  • On classic maps, wall weapons are in the box
  • Removed Monkey Bombs from Nacht, Verruckt, and Shi No Numa
  • Box will cycle through weapons for its whole duration while opening
  • Double Tap does 1.5x bullet damage
  • Deadshot does 2x headshot bullet damage
  • Kino and Ascension turrets do infinite damage
  • Scavenger does infinite damage
  • Kar98k does 3x damage
  • Scoped Kar98k does 2x damage
  • Olympia does 1.5x damage
  • BAR does 1.5x headshot damage
  • Ballistic Knife knives pick up automatically when close to them
  • All players are attracted equally
  • Dead players can chat with alive players
  • Backwards move speed, strafe move speed, and sprint strafe move speed are at 100%
  • Removed friendly fire (not being able to shoot when looking at another player)
  • Friendly names fade out 5x faster
  • Mule Kick removed from all maps except Moon
  • M16: increased reserve ammo to 150
  • Famas: increased reserve ammo to 300
  • Spectre: increased reserve ammo to 240
  • Replaced Dragunov with PSG1 in the box
  • Added AK47, Stoner63, PPSH, and Kiparis to the box
  • Death Machine: switch weapons to end duration
  • Death Machine: deals atleast 1/3 of zombie's health per shot
  • Change Quick Revive hintstring to say "Quick Revive"
  • Ascension monkeys: max 1600 health
  • Ascension: monkeys taking Quick Revive on solo does not count as a down
  • Baby Gun: g_spawn error fixed
  • Mule Kick: get lost weapon back after rebuying perk (except if it was a limited weapon and someone else has it now)
  • A certain fx plays when the last powerup of a powerup cycle spawns
  • Shangri-La monkeys can spawn to grab a powerup even when 24 zombies are already spawned in
  • Kino: do not teleport to special rooms when using teleporter unless both radios on the map have been activated
  • Call of the Dead flinger kills count as kills toward the round
  • Shangri La spikes now deal 50 damage to players
  • Shangri La spikes kill zombies
  • Matroyshka Dolls: infinite damage
  • Trap kills count as kills for whoever activated the trap
  • Shangri-La monkeys always cycle through Fire Sale and Nuke powerups no matter what
  • Shangri-La monkeys will cycle through Perk Bottle if the powerup was a Max Ammo when they picked it up (no longer has to be initial spawn)
  • Centrifuge on Ascension deals 50 damage to players (solo and coop)
  • Fixed centrifuge on Ascension making invisible zombies on high rounds
  • VR-11: removed explosion from shooting the same zombie with the VR-11 multiple times
  • Unupgraded VR-11: now permanently calms down director
  • VR-11: human targets zombies and kills them (similar to BO3 Turned ammo, unupgraded lasts for 10 seconds, upgraded lasts for 20 seconds)
  • Replaced BAR + Bipod with BAR (costs 1800 points instead of 2500 points)
  • Upgraded ammo cost: reduced to 2500 points
  • Replaced PM63 with Kiparis
  • Five: trap pieces are already in place
  • Shangri-La: Pack-a-Punch stones do not have to be stepped on at the same time
  • Call of the Dead: removed zombie spawn delay at the beginning of a match
  • Call of the Dead: George always drops Wunderwaffe regardless of whether you have completed the easter egg or not
  • Moon: added Fire Sale, Max Ammo, and Perk Bottle to jump pad powerup cycle
  • Moon: hacking a Max Ammo gives a Perk Bottle
  • Ascension: add a short delay for the lander to activate after triggering it (so you can activate a lander without having to ride it without having to lean)
  • Powerups on the ground now last for 30 seconds (previously 26.5 seconds)
  • QED: free perk now only gives perk to the player who threw the QED
  • QED: 100% chance of giving perk when thrown near a perk machine
  • QED: 100% chance of opening door when thrown near a door
  • QED: 100% chance of upgrading current weapon when thrown near Pack-a-Punch machine
  • QED: revive player effect now only revives players near where the QED was thrown
  • QED: 100% chance of reviving player when thrown near downed player
  • QED: 100% of fling effect when thrown near Cosmonaut
  • QED: removed player teleport
  • QED: removed red powerups
  • QED: removed unupgrade current weapon
  • QED: removed weapon starburst
  • QED: all other effects have a 25% chance of being selected
  • Moon: hacking Quick Revive machine on solo will not count as a down against you
  • Perk order will no longer be changed when losing a perk
  • Ascension: fixed bug where perks would be lost on monkey rounds when they shouldn't be
  • Moon: full easter egg completable on solo (must be Richtofen)
  • Moon: full easter egg reward - all perks (Quick Revive goes away when downed, can be rebought with all perks)
  • Moon: excavators will not reactivate for places that have already been breached (this should also fix the invisible digger glitch)
  • Moon: removed the low gravity forced jumping
  • Fixed a bug that caused zombies to bleedout unintentionally when zombies stay near the same spot for over 30 seconds
  • Moon: hacking a powerup will reset its timer
  • Moon: hacking a Death Machine will now make the Max Ammo glow its correct color
  • Moon: hacking powerups trigger radius increased by 50%
  • Shangri-La: eclipse mode activatable with 1-3 players
  • Shangri-La: easter egg completable in 1-3 players
  • Shangri-La: easter egg stepping stone step - stones stay down until a new stone on the same side has been stepped on
  • Shangri-La: only 1 person now required for waterslide easter egg step
  • Shangri-La easter egg reward - all players get all permament perks


  • Ascension easter egg soloable
  • Ascension easter egg reward: 90 second death machines for the rest of the game
  • Make upgraded ammo hintstring 2 lines
  • Turret trap kills count as kills on the scoreboard for the player who activated it
  • Fix FOV issues
  • Fix Stoner63 reload sound
  • Add AK47 upgraded flamethrower ammo clip counter
  • Fix projectiles disappearing
  • Hold a knife in your hand if you have no weapons (similar to BO2 combat knife from multiplayer)
  • Fix trap g_spawn error (getting hit twice and running through a trap causes g_spawn?)
  • Fix ballistic knife lean death glitch
  • Fix Baby Gun and Wave Gun upgraded camos
  • Verruckt: add an interface before the game starts to choose which starting room you start in (have it work for coop and let multiple players choose also)
  • Moon: add an interface before the game starts to choose whether you want Juggernog or Speed Cola initially
  • Moon: Fix Gersch Device from attracting the Cosmonaut and doing the infamous infinite moonwalk glitch
  • Make insta kill powerups work in high rounds
  • Ascension: Fix high round invisible and invincible zombies after being damaged from the centrifuge
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